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1. Cancer diagnosis using nanotech

There has been some development with the passive nanostructures that can detect cancer cell in the body. The innovation is new and is still in the process of development. Researchers and scientists are already implementing new tactics to produce an accurate result for cancer detection. The project is also working to recognize what type of cancer has developed.

2. Nanotech is used to target and diminish cancer cells

The latest advancement in the field of nanotechnology is what we call DNA nanobots. You heard that right, nanobots and when I say nanobots, It’s about a tiny robot that can go inside our body and fight all those cancer cells. Imagine a strand of DNA molded into a clam shape. The idea about it is so that it can open in an instant when exposed to a cancer cell. The DNA nanobots are designed to release toxins that can destroy the cancerous cells while leaving no damage to the perfectly healthy cells in the body.

3. The ultimate cancer cure

It works like nanobots but on a better version whereas it works like white blood cells. It will be placed inside our bodies like bodyguards from the inside. Once it’s inside our system, it will continuously check our bodies for possible cancer cells and treat it immediately. The good thing about the latest version of nanobot is that it can also be used to fight other infections inside the body.

Once the development is complete, the nanotechnology can help a lot of people in so many ways.

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The 3 Nanotechnology Breakthroughs That You Don’t Know http://www.zelnorm.com/the-3-nanotechnology-breakthroughs-that-you-dont-know http://www.zelnorm.com/the-3-nanotechnology-breakthroughs-that-you-dont-know#respond Wed, 09 Nov 2016 13:18:40 +0000 http://www.zelnorm.com/?p=26 We know that with the help of nanotech, there are a lot of opportunities that will come. It works like a special ingredient that will make every dish special. Most people care about the new discoveries without thinking how these latest things end up in the market. Here are the nanotechnology breakthroughs that you probably don’t know. Check it out, and you’ll end up surprised.

1. Nanotechnology in contact lenses and virtual reality


Have you thought how good it would be if you can play simulation games like how you play it with VR devices using contact lenses? I bet you think it is fun. There has been a breakthrough on nanotech where these features can already be placed in contact lenses. In a matter of time, you can see these things out in the market.

2. Nanotech detector for heart attacks


A heart attack is a traitor, and we all know it. It strikes when we least expect it, and the worst part is it can occur anytime. These days, there is what we call nanosensors that can save millions of lives around the world. In due time, these sensors can already detect imminent attacks. If there is a way to have it checked before it betrays your heart, prevention plan can be carried out quickly.

3. Improved Eye Surgery


Our eyes are a delicate part of our body, and if there is a need for surgery, our eyes are very vulnerable. With the use of innovations, there has been a robot developed using nanotech. The innovation is still in a series of tests but once completed it can make a lot of difference. Eye surgeries will have a higher ratio of success because every process will be analyzed and calculated carefully.

The nanotechnology can provide limitless discoveries and innovations that can help a lot of people and save lives as well.

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The 4 Benefits You Can Get From Nanotechnology http://www.zelnorm.com/the-4-benefits-you-can-get-from-nanotechnology http://www.zelnorm.com/the-4-benefits-you-can-get-from-nanotechnology#respond Wed, 09 Nov 2016 11:16:58 +0000 http://www.zelnorm.com/?p=19 Most of us know the importance of nanotechnology in our lives. It makes things better and easy for us. Most people, though, don’t realize how essential it is in our daily lives. We face each day not knowing that the things around us are developed using nanoscience. There are a lot of things that we can benefit from it. Here are the advantages that most of us don’t know about nanotechnology.

1. Nanotechnology can make the big difference in the world. It brings a lot of things a notch higher. It creates an improvement to certain things like different applications, procedure, and electronic products. I bet you have one of those plasma televisions. You can thank nanotechnology for that. Maybe you’re also familiar with quantum computers. It’s another innovation developed with the use of the said technology.


2. If you’re not a big fan of those computer upgrades, the industry of energy is another sector that benefits nanotechnology. Things like batteries that we probably use every day are developed through the same tech. Through continuous innovations, we were able to store a lot of energy to smaller devices that make things convenient for the people.

3. In the industry of manufacturing, the nanotechnology is also an essential component. The products used to manufacture things are made possible by the tech. Imagine how difficult things will be if there are no nano particles, aerogels and such things that are widely used for mass production. I bet there will be a problem with the supply versus the demand of the people.

4. The medical sector appears to be on the list of nanotechnology beneficiaries. The nanotech was used to develop smart drugs that have helped thousands of people. Aside from that, the medicine industry is close to a breakthrough in getting the cure for cancers with the aid of nanotechnology.


The nanotechnology is one area of expertise that we should all support. With limitless possibilities it can bring, it deserves all the support it can get.

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